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Is it worth it?

Estimates of what a degree costs vary from around 18,000 up to the silly side of fifty grand. So the $64,000-dollar question is is it a worthwhile investment?
A quick guide to student funding
The student calculator
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Student finance: ponder points

Cash for questions? Well, not really - more like questions about cash and why you should ask them. More

The fees wheeze

The Push money-munchkins reveal the grisly facts and gruesome figures about what you have to pay to be a student and how it all works.
Tuition fees

Empty-pocket survival

Even Chaucer made jokes about cash-strapped scholars (honest – check out 'The Reeve's Tale'), but today's students push being broke to new depths of brokenness. This is your chance to learn the cheapster method: the tricks and tips of the professional penny-pincher. More

The student calculator

We all know that budgeting's important, but just how should you manage the moolah? Luckily, UNIAID has a nifty tool to do the number crunching for you... More

Where can you afford to go?

By choosing a university carefully, you can tame your debt because different universities cost different amounts, even if the fees are the same. More