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Aston University


Sex Ratio (M:F): 50:50 Full-time undergraduates: 7,270
Applications per place: 7
Points range: 280-340
Flunk rate: 9.1% Unemployed after 6mths: 7.7%
Booze Index: £1.52 Av. housing cost per week: £68.32
Av. debt per year: £2,572
Access fund: £500,000 +

Five minutes stroll from the centre of Birmingham, the not-quite-triangular Aston Triangle houses the modern, green, landscaped campus of brown, brick buildings that make up Aston University. It’s a compact space, ‘futuristic’ in the 60s sense, with the Vice Chancellor’s lake nearby for summer-time frolics...more detail Aston places a hefty emphasis on vocational learning and most of its courses are orientated towards netting a career – the University pioneered the sandwich course and 70% of students take on a year-long work placement midway through their studies, making Aston grads highly employable specimens...more on academic  Every Students' Guild event ends with Sinatra's 'New York, New York', probably more annoying than amusing come term two...more on entertainment Not many universities can boast a club devoted to extreme barbequing, Aston is one of them...more on activities. There’s little in the way of artsy shenanigans, but sport is pretty popular with facilities to match...more on sports All accommodation is on campus, meaning it’s oversubscribed, but first years are guaranteed beds. The en-suite rooms are a lot sexier than the standard, which tend to be a bit gritty and high rise...more on housing Aston's low drop-out rate may have something to do with the amount of support available to their students... more on welfare.

Woohoo: Aston students rack up plenty of employability points
Small campus atmosphere can get stuffy


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