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University of Southampton


Sex ratio (M:F): 43:57 Full-time undergraduates: 16,000
Applications per place: 6
Points range: 160-370
Flunk rate: 3.2% Unemployed after 6mths: 6.3%
Booze Index: £1.75 Av. housing cost per week :£73.57
Av. debt per year: £7,299 Access fund: £618,587

Southampton’s the wizened old sea dog of the south coast. It’s salty, not particularly pretty and it’s even got the scars to prove it went a few rounds with the Luftwaffe back in WWII…... more on general Good academic credentials even with the young upstart Southampton Solenthot on the University’s heels. Thanks to the University's location, the Ocean & Earth Science courses are particularly highly rated... more on academicThe stunningly-designed Union hosts several jam-packed club nights a week, more than making up for the town’s generic offerings. The left-leaning, NUS-shunning Union Council tries to rouse some political interest and is currently all hot and bothered about the proposals for caps on top–up fees to be lifted.  As befits both the number of posho types and proximity to the sea, sports is kind of a big deal in Southampton. The Athletic Union funds 74 flavours of sporting society, making use of decent facilities in the local area too ... more on sports . It’s very easy to find accommodation in Southampton and Winchester: it should take a maximum of two days (though if it takes longer, don’t come crying to Push) ... more on housings The University has a trunk full of bursaries for academic boffs and the financially impoverished alike ... more on welfare

Woohoo: Sea air for those who do like to be beside the seaside.
Bit of a middle-class ghetto
(023) 8059 5000

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