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Push Polls: the results

Have you applied to your university hardship fund?
(ended 25/03/2009)
14% Yes
27% I'm planning to
59% No
Recent BBC research suggests that the number of students applying to university hardship funds is on the up and some institutions have even run out of cash. Read more here.
How do you feel about the increasingly multicultural presence in UK unis?
(ended 17/02/2009)
33% It really enhances the experience
30% I'm not bothered either way
37% It's too extreme
Figures show that oversees students now account for 20% of UK graduates, read more here.
Is working for low wages for the experience worth it?
(ended 14/01/2009)
29% It really helped me
14% It didn't get me anywhere
56% Only for a short time
Read more here or discuss it in Chatterbox...
Has the SLC ever made a mistake with your loan?
(ended 05/01/2009)
36% Several times
9% Once - but I didn't send the form on time
55% Never
After the SLC's recent blunder with loans at Reading Uni (read more here), it begs the question, how reliable are they?
Should the academic year be changed?
(ended 08/12/2008)
25% Yes
53% No
22% Who cares?
Should there be a shake-up to the system, or do you wanna keep it old school? Post a comment on this forum.