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Which is the greenest uni?

Which uni is the greenest? Check out the Green League to see who's doing most to keep the world from frazzling. More

Myth bashing

At some unis 1 in 3 students drops out or fails. At others it's fewer than 1 in 20. Do you need more proof that it matters which uni you choose? More

More than a degree

There's more to choosing a uni than what you study. Push has fingered 6 factors that will really make difference to whether you enjoy it, whether you do well, whether you can afford it and what the memories will be.
Making the most of student life
• Student housing: Choosing where to live
• You've handed in your essay, so what else is there to do? 
What welfare provisions should you expect?
... More

Where is it?

There's more to 'where?' than just 'how far?' There's cities, the countryside, campuses – it all makes a big difference. More