When do you check your emails?

This part of Push isn’t about the nosehair of the applications process itself – stuff like course codes, tariff conversion tables or whether you count as a home student. That’s what UCAS and university prospectuses are for. Instead, Push has put together this bite-sized insider's guide. We'll tell you how to make your application shine and use (and abuse) the system to get the edge on getting in. Yes, we’re that good to you.

Preparing for interviews

What’s the deal with preparing for interviews? Pull up a pouffe, dust down your smart shoes, and let Push clue you in.
What should I do before the interview?
During the interview: how to make the right impression


How the applications process works

Don't have a 'mare - read Push's handy guide to shuffling your way through the applications process.
What happens when I submit a UCAS application?
What should I do when the offers roll in?
• Can I apply through UCAS if I've already left school?
... More

University clearing

There are tricks, techniques and ruses to make the clearing system work in your favour. Don't expect to find these on the UCAS website – only Push reveals all. More

Give your application the edge

UCAS will tell you how the application system is supposed to work. Push tells you how it actually shakes down and how to make sure you get to the front of the queue.
How the applications process works
Pimp yourself: personal statements
When and where are the open days?
UCAS: what should I be doing this month?
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Applying for art and design courses

Route B or not Route B? If you're applying for Art & Design courses, the applications process might vary depending on the type of paint splattering you want to get into. More

The UCAS application timetable

When does what happen? You're not going to want to miss a deadline just because you didn't read this. More

Applying for Oxbridge

Oxford and Cambridge Universities like to do things a bit differently. That means extra exams and early deadlines. Read on for Push's tips on Oxbridge applications... More

Accepting your place at uni.

Push presents year 13 crib sheet on what to do when it comes to turning down unis and accepting offers... More

International students: applying to study in the UK

If studying at home just doesn't cook your crumpet, how about learning to love the UK? More

Applying after you've left school

What do you do if you've left school already and want to apply to uni? More